Life and Limb, Jamie Andrew

Paperback 320 pages (February 2005)
Publisher: Portrait

This is a superb and very moving true story of Jamie Andrew who in 1999 lost his best friend in a climbing accident in the Alps. During his recovery to save his life from the affects of serve frostbite he had to have both hands and both feet amputated. The book follows the events leading up to this and Jamie’s journey back into leading a full and very active life following his accident. For those who climb you will recognise familiar places in the UK and it will make you think about your own mortality. For those who don’t climb the book is still a very good read and rarely does it slip into technical terms. Jamie’s humour and determination show throughout the book and will make you think about the barriers you face everyday and how small they are in reality. The small chapter where his friend Jamie Fisher dies and Jamie waits for death is particularly moving. For those climbing widows out there, the book also talks about the affect on Jamie’s future wife. Highly recommended.